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Article: A social-missionary awakening …

A social-missionary awakening in the non-traditional Brethren Churches in Germany, using the example of two churches from the first decade of the second millennium
by Veit Claesberg, Germany

1. A new desire arises
In the last 5-10 years more and more churches in Germany have the desire to be noticeably relevant as a church for society. At the same time it is observable that the people who are lost, become a bigger priority. The churches want to bring the word of God to the people. To achieve this, they have to satisfy their needs which is why they first proceed to action. This happens without pitting word and deed against each other. This behaviour is based on the greatest command that Christians should love God with all their heart and then love their neighbours as much as they love themselves. The churches want to make a difference in their cities. They want to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5,16)
I do not dare to talk about an overall trend yet, but there are definitely signs for the beginning of a mini-trend.
The following examples refer to non-traditional Brethren Churches in the Association of Evangelical Free Churches in Germany (www.agb-online.de) …
Read more in the attached article. This article was first published in Partnership Perspectives issue No 48 summer 2013.

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