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Leaders! Stay grounded!

Stay Grounded!True North
(George, Bill, with Peter Sims, 2007. True North: Discover your authentic leadership, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass):

Leaders must stay grounded.
„To integrate your life, you must remain grounded in your authentic self, especially when the outside world is chaotic.” (:141)
“Leading is high-stress work. There is no way to avoid stress when you are responsible for people, organizations, outcomes, and the constant uncertainties of the environment. The higher you go, the greater your freedom to control your destiny but also the higher the level of stress. The question is not whether you can avoid stress but how you can control it to maintain your own sense of equilibrium.” (:141)

But how? Bill George gives us eight tips that could help us to stay grounded:

  •  your family: “These people move on to the next person, but my kids won’t move on.” (:142)
  • staying true to your roots: “Returning to where you came from is another important way to stay grounded.” (:144)
  • finding time to yourself: “… to think clearly about life, work, an your personal issues.”
  • spiritual and religious practices: “Authentic leaders who are religious talked about the power of prayer, being a part of church groups, and finding solace at the church.”
  • taking sabbaticals
  • friends and community
  • measuring success: “Have you defined what success means for you and your life? Unless you have thought the answer to that question, you are at risk of letting others define success for you or trying to keep up with their definitions of success. Only when you can define what is most important in your life can you set the right priorities for your life and become an integrated leader.” (:147)
  • living with integrity: “Think of your life like a house, with a bedroom for your personal life a study for your professional life, a family room for your family, and a living room to share with your friends. Can you knock down the walls between these rooms and be the same person in each of whem? (:148)

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