You might support this: Establish and run Christian preschools in Yangon/Myanmar

Found some good stuff? You might support this:

Project HelpMyanmar – Establish and run Christian preschools for slum-children in Yangon/Myanmar

In October 2014 I went for 10 days to Myanmar and taught about Christian leadership at the South-East-Asia-Bible-College in Yangon. I also visited some evangelical free churches.

Two years ago I was invited from a guy who was praying everyday that I would come to Yangon. I didn’t know this guy and I didn’t know anything about Myanmar. It was crazy. But my elders supported me and sent me to Myanmar.
One Sunday I preached at the T. C. Church, based in a small slum in Yangon. It’s a very small church with very poor people. The brothers and sisters asked me for prayer. They have a very big vision. They want to found a Christian preschool (kindergarten) for children from the slum. I was very impressed. Very poor people have a very big vision to make a different in their community.
When I came back to Germany I started to pray and asked God, what I have to do with this information. During this time God sent me brothers and sisters who wanted to support this project. I talked to some missionaries, to our church leadership team, to some organisations and friends. In the end we decided to support this project as a church and made an “Agreement of Trust” with the T. C. Church. Now we – the EFG Wiedenest – provide the financial infrastructure. Now other churches and individuals can donate for this project.
Every month we need 450 € to run the preschool. We need money for rent, for the stuff-team, for equipment and later to visit the project. You can see the develepmonts here: HelpMe: Yangon.

So if you find some good stuff on my website and you can use it for your work in God’s kingdom you could do me a favour: You could support this project HelpMyanmar with a small or big donation. Only if you want. And only if you do it with pleasure (2Cor 9:7). My personal vision is to establish more than just one kindergarten. I want to establish 10 kindergartens in the next years, if God helps us.

If you donate 1,50€ the preschool will run for about one hour longer.
If you donate 15€ the preschool will run for about one day longer.
If you donate 105€ the preschool will run for about one week longer.
If you donate 450€ the preschool will run for about one month longer.
If you donate 5.400€ the prechool will run for aboaut ony year longer. Or we could establish the next preschool.

Please donate to this account of my home Church, maybe with Paypal:

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Purpose: Kindergarten Myanmar

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