New Sermon online: English-Burmese / MP3 & Script: Total Trust in difficult Circumstances (Daniel 3)

logo podcastA new podcast episode is online and also the script of the sermon:

A. Introduction
B. The historical situation of the three guys
C. Reading: Daniel 3:1-30
D. Preaching: Total trust in difficult circumstances
1. The King who wants total obedience: 1-11
2. The guys who serve the living God: 12-18
3. The living God who saves his servants and receives the honour
E. Conclusion and Call: Live like the guys and God gets the honour

Here’s the script: Daniel 3_Total Trust in difficut circumstances_Preaching English-Burmese Veit Claesberg_web Daniel 3_Total Trust in difficult circumstances_Preaching English-Burmese Veit Claesberg_web

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